Study in Malaysia


Malaysia is investing heavily in turning itself into a leading destination for international students, and its efforts appear to be paying off. While not yet quite at the same level as Asian higher-education leaders such as China, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore, Malaysia is certainly among the region’s emerging contenders. 

Study in Malaysia is a healthy choice. It will provide you with the experience of multicultural, colorful, independent and developed life style. Malaysia has a number of world class colleges and universities which are at the top of world’s university list.

Studying in Malaysia will provide you with a truly unforgettable experience, where you can witness and sample the diverse and fascinating mix of races and cultures. It's what makes Malaysia such a unique place. This should be the most exciting time of your life, moving to a new country and embarking on a new adventure. More than 2 million people live in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, many of who are international students.

Malaysia is an upcoming study destination and slowly becoming popular among students world-wide. Malaysia as a country has lot to offer in terms of quality Education, excellent job opportunities and safe and colourful environment.  Students and their parents have many things to consider when deciding on where and what to study. There are some advantages of studying in Malaysia:

  • Highly Affordable quality Education
  • Degrees awarded by UK, Australian, Canadian and American Universities
  • Transfer programmes available to UK, US, Australian and Canadian Universities
  • Cost of living much lower compared to other education markets like Australia, UK, USA, Singapore
  • Multicultural and multi-religious community with stronger respects for other races and cultures
  • Friendly and welcoming people
  • Wonderful places to visit with strong historical cultural and traditional representation
  • Safe Environment
  • WORK PERMIT OPTION: During studies students are allowed to work 20hrs/week on weekends and full time in vacations. After the completion of studies also students are eligible for 1 year of work permit.
  • VISA WITHOUT IELTS: There is no compulsory requirement of English test for studying Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD courses. Medium of Instruction in Malaysian Universities is English and not Malaya, Chinese or any other language.

For students, studying in Malaysia offers an opportunity to obtain a foreign degree at home, or closer to their home country. This can bring a number of benefits including less disruption to family and work life compared to studying abroad, lower course fees and substantial savings in living expenses.